Please refer to questions below if you need answers to common questions. If you think of other questions or would like to schedule a service near Austin, please contact us directly.

Why can I not clean it up or have my employee clean it up?

Federal regulation 29CFR1910.1030 of OSHA states that no employee can be placed in a position to be exposed to bio-hazardous waste without first:
• Receiving blood-borne pathogen training from a qualified instructor.
• Having a written blood-borne Pathogen Program exposure control plan available to ALL employees at ALL times.
• Each employee shall be provided with personnel protective equipment that is pertinent to the situation at hand.
• Offering for refusal or acceptance a Hepatitis B vaccine with exposure evaluation and medical follow-up to every employee exposed.
• Company personal shall have an approved medical waste site for disposal of bio-hazardous waste in properly marked containers and the means and methods of transporting such waste in a safe manner. In the even that an employee is exposed to a blood borne pathogen, OSHA may levy fines and or jail time against the employer.

How much does this cost?

In regards to cost, most incidents are covered by the insurance carrier. Every incident differs and it is very difficult to give an estimate over the telephone sight unseen. We would need to come to the premises to give you an estimate. Free estimates are available for Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi. Next-day service may be required depending on the timing of when the estimate is given and the distance of the premises from the home office.

How soon can you clean the premises?

Once the police have released the scene, our team of highly trained decontamination specialists and technicians are available 24/7/365 including holidays at NO additional charge. We are ready to respond to any client’s call for help with a rapid response. We will cater to your needs and work around your schedule.

Can I sell/rent or re-occupy the premises?

Yes, you can sell and/or re-occupy the premises immediately once we have completed our decontamination process.

Do you repair/replace what has been damaged?

No, we are only trained to decontaminate and remove the biological material from the premises. Many times, while tracking the material, we are required to remove carpet, sheetrock, wood flooring, furniture, personal belongings, bedding, clothes, or anything that has trace amounts of biological tissue anywhere present. All duties will be approved (when possible) by the family for being started. We can assist with any subcontracting needs you may have.

What about my homeowner’s insurance, can you help with that?

Yes, we will work with your adjuster to make sure that all aspects of your claim have been covered and are being taken care of. We will also provide any photos or proof of decontamination and an itemized documentation if they are required.

What about the personal belongings?

Total Decon Inc. will work safely with the family to clean (within reason) any personal property that may desired by the family. In the event an item cannot be cleaned completely (portraits, photos, quilts, paintings, etc.), TDI will package the item in a bio-hazardous bag, label it, and give it to the family for further cleaning. TDI can also remove ALL belongings and dispose of them with the family’s directive.

What if there is an odor after you leave?

Total Decon Inc. has a basic odor treatment program that is included in the cost of every cleanup. The first treatment will eliminate most strong odors. If in the event it is determined that an odor is present and not physiological, TDI has an advanced O3 odor treatment plan that will remove almost any noxious odor. This program is based on an hourly rate and is available at any time during or after the cleanup process.